Multi-cancer & pre-cancer detection technology integrated into a global cancer registry. Our Lancor Scientific Platform is based on two disruptive innovations:

OMIS cancer screening device:     
  • Accurate

    with sensitivity & specificity ≥ 90%

  • Rapid

    test results at point of care in less than 2 minutes

  • Affordable

    total costs of screening & data reporting $20 / test

  • Portable

    and robust CE marked

  • Authenticated test results

    patient centred data records

  • Real-time automated transmission onto a global (& national) cancer registry

  • Immutable records

    incorruptible to loss, administrative errors, or medical fraud

    Real patient stories - Find cancer early



    Video Interviews

    Prof. Djuro Koruga and Gopal Rao discuss OMIS (Opto Magnetic Imaging Spectroscopy) Technology in the Lancor Scientific portable screening devices.

    Chief Medical Officer Prof. Roland Schlesinger discusses some of the science behind what we are doing and our global cancer registry.

    CEO Aamir Butt and Head of Marketing and Global Access Dr Donald de Korte discuss the impact of early cancer screening globally.