FORBES MAGAZINE ARTICLE : Take A Look At The Latest Medical Technology In The NHS – Including Blockchain And AI

By: Gina Clarke.

Artificial Intelligence continues to grow

There has also been a big step forward in artificial intelligence cancer screening currently used in Southend hospital by Lancor Scientific. The firm has created a device that detects the minute electromagnetic changes that occur in tissues as cancer emerges and develops.

They have patented a device that uses light to identify changes in tissue’s electromagnetism, meaning patients do not need to be exposed to high levels of harmful radiation during the diagnostic process.

The cell data collected by the device is analyzed using artificial intelligence that detects patterns in the results and has a current accuracy rate of 90%, which researchers are hoping to rise to 97% by developing the AI.

The advancements could lead to increased accessibility to cancer screening for patients, and reduced cost for healthcare providers and insurers.

Despite the fact that bad news sells, it seems as though the medical industry, and the NHS in particular, a working towards advancements using FinTech that could and should solve a number of problems within the health service. What will they come up with next…