PRESS ARTICLE: What do you get when you combine quantum physics, AI algorithms and Blockchain?

By: Prof. Roland Schlesinger

This could be the beginning of a good party joke, but it isn’t. These are the main components of our cancer screening device and cancer is definitely not a joke.

Cancer is a one of the most complex diseases that we know, with more than 200 types and each caused by a different genetic defect. Triggers which cause this serious disease may vary from patient to patient. The WHO reported that in 2017only 26% of low-income countries had pathology (disease detection) services generally available in the public sector.

First, though, let us look at the technology: the OMIS cancer detection system, developed by Lancor’s sister company, Tumour Trace.

OMIS stands for Opto-Magnetic Imaging Spectroscopy. Put very simply, the device detects the minute electromagnetic changes that occur in tissue as cancer emerges and develops. „It allows us to characterise the tissue, so we know at what stage the cancer might be, with a higher accuracy than the currently existing tumour markers. The accuracy of our device is very good, because during the first trials in the UK and India the technology reached an accuracy of higher than 93% from the beginning on. Furthermore, the technology exists in a desktop device, so it can be used in rough terrain, up a mountain, in a frozen wasteland –basically, all we need is a battery and it will work anywhere. We are able to offer an accurate, multi-cancer detection, low cost, portable medical device for cancer screening programs in countries that badly need it.

The device already has a CE mark for cervical cancer screening. Our newest development is the implementation of an AI algorithm and therefore a new device which is currently in preparation for an extensive retrospective study at the BioBankGraz. The retrospective study will enable the company to fine-tune its algorithms, and after that, it can exist on our Blockchain Platform.

On the blockchain, we can securely store and results and offer patient-centred additional services, while ensuring patient data is protected throughout. This platform is not only for our device it is open for many other approaches in the sphere of healthcare and talks with other MedTech companies are currently in process.

Currently we are setting up our Cancer Research Laboratory in Graz, Styria, wherein future all our research will be conducted. For this undertaking we received massive support by Austrian officials like the, Austrian Business Agency in Vienna,Austrian Embassy in London and Styria and many others.The creation of this cancer research laboratory in Graz and the partnering with the Technical University Graz and other local academic institutions, will not only bring scientific benefits to Lancor Scientific but will add to its reputational capital and fits perfect in our international research network.

As featured on p35 of Botenstoff - Human Technology Steria Publication April 2019